Common Eye Injuries

Eye Treatment at New Vision Optical in Wilmette

Having an eye injury can be a painful and debilitating condition. There are numerous risks and causes with eye injuries that require optometry services, and our Wilmette vision center provides thoughtful and caring treatment for any visual impairment. Once you've experienced an eye injury, it could persist and aggravate other areas of your brain and overall health. It's vital to make an appointment with our optometrist for a comprehensive exam, should you be on the receiving end of a common eye injury.

Eye Treatment at New Vision Optical in Wilmette

Common Eye Injuries

Whether you've had a traumatic situation to your eyes, or are suffering from a number of overwhelming causes that affect your eyes, the answer is a checkup and following our Wilmette optometry guidelines thereafter. 

Here is a list of common eye injuries to watch out for and seek treatment:

      1. Eye swelling
      2. Abrasion to the eye by scratching obstacles
      3. Blunt force trauma such as a manual punch or running into something solid
      4. Foreign objects that enter the eye and penetrate the cornea
      5. Chemical burns to the eye, such as toxic sprays and environmental hazards
      6. Hemorrhaging of the eye

The eyes are considered to be 'windows to the soul' in a metaphoric sense, however, without proper vision and care for the eyes, the damage can be insurmountable if any of the above are detected and experienced.

Knowing when to call 911 is during the most extreme cases of visual impairment of trauma. Our clinic and optometry staff has every reason to believe that once you know it's an emergency, the best course of action is to see a doctor right away. An eye injury is never to be overlooked or discounted. If anything, a condition may persist if left untreated, however, we offer primary restoration of your eye discomfort and vision solutions for lifelong eye health.

Eye Treatments We Offer

At New Vision Optical, we treat cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, and any other persistent conditions that affect your vision. For every injury that goes untreated, there's a possibility of the iris, cornea, and pupil to suffer long term damage that develops into a more serious eye disorder.

For dry eyes, we suggest lubricating eye drops to ease inflammation and alleviate redness, itchiness, or signs of pink eye. Cataracts are a disturbance that typically requires surgery after diagnosis. If eye cloudiness continues, our optometry clinic will recommend surgery and post-operative healing treatments. Glaucoma is an optic nerve impairment that arrives without warning or causes. The treatment is proper visionary glasses and follow-up exams.

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