Sports Vision FAQs

Whether you play professional or amateur sports, good vision is essential for better performance. When you hear your eye doctor talk about sports vision, they are referring to methods of enhancing your vision to optimize your athletic performance. New Vision Optical Wilmette in Wilmette, IL, shares everything you need to know about sports vision to take your game to the next level.

Sports Vision FAQs

What Is Sports Vision?

Sports vision refers to the visual acuity athletes need for peak performance on the field. It also refers to the methods used to evaluate and enhance athletic vision for better performance in sports. Sports vision involves skills like visual acuity, eye tracking, depth perception, etc. Through sports vision training, athletes can optimize these skills to excel in their performance.

Why Is Sports Vision Important for Athletes?

Competition is so stiff among athletes. While many aspects determine your athletic performance, you can use better vision to your advantage. Sports like football, archery, basketball, and other sports require excellent focusing, depth perception, visual processing, and other skills, so you can use these skills to set yourself apart from your rivals.

A player with razor-sharp sports vision not only improves personal performance but becomes a valuable asset to the team.

How Do Eye Specialists Improve Sports Vision?

Our optometry team realizes the difference good vision can make in your performance. If you need eyewear to improve your vision, we will equip you with a better prescription for optimal vision. The sports vision exam goes just beyond eye health and visual acuity. We test your eyes to establish ocular alignment, eye dominance, quality acuity, and depth perception.

Depending on your diagnosis, we will devise different approaches to help you achieve optimal sports vision and protect your eyes. Special contact lenses may do the job, while tinted eyewear can enhance your vision. Besides, a proper diet that includes vital vitamins can help optimize your visual processing speed.

Can I Improve My Depth Perception?

Depth perception helps you perceive the distance between objects. This vision quality helps you judge the distance between other players and where the ball is. You can improve depth perception through contact lenses and eye exercises. While this may sound intimidating, our optometry team will make things look easy once we start working with you.

Eye Care Services for Better Sports Play and Daily Living

Our optometry team at New Vision Optical Wilmette is ready to ensure you improve your athletic performance by enhancing your vision. Whether you are a professional or semi-professional sports player, you can benefit from our sports vision. Ready to get started? If you are in Wilmette, IL, schedule an appointment with our eye clinic today at (847) 251-3330.


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