Polarized Glasses

Wearing the right eyewear will help save your eyes from strain and overuse. That's why we offer our patients specialized lenses like polarized glasses. Polarized lenses are a type of lens coating on certain sunglasses and eyeglasses designed to help reduce glare and improve visual clarity. They can be especially useful when engaging in sporting activities like skiing, fishing, or other outdoor activities. They offer protection from glare that can be blinding while trying to participate in outdoor activities. At New Vision Optical Wilmette, we offer polarized glasses for patients looking to reduce glare from snow, water, and other reflective surfaces.


Benefits of Polarized Glasses

There are several benefits to getting polarized lenses from our Wilmette office. Athletes and people who participate in outdoor activities benefit significantly from these specialized glasses. Winter and water sports often have high glare surfaces that can be reduced by using polarized lenses. Polarized sunglasses come in a range of colors and can be darker or lighter, depending on preference. 

Noticeable benefits include reduced eye strain, which gives your eyes a break. The darker lenses can be customized to any degree to block glare to your preference. Visual clarity and colors are enhanced with polarized lenses as well. This can help improve alertness and reaction when engaged in sports. Another benefit of polarized lenses is they are more comfortable in certain environments and conditions. You may go to an optometrist for an eye exam to determine if you'd benefit from these glasses. 

There are many advantages to using these types of lenses, but there are also certain situations you will not want to use them. Some people experience negative effects like dizziness from these lenses, so it is important to test them out. In addition, darker areas or nighttime greatly diminish the effectiveness of polarized glasses.

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Our professional staff at New Vision Optical Wilmette offers top-notch vision and eye care services. Our team offers their years of experience to help individuals and families through corrective eyewear solutions, including contacts, progressive lenses, prescription sunglasses, and more. Our polarized glasses are specifically designed to reduce harsh glare from snow, water, and reflective surfaces to improve eyesight when you are active in sports or recreation. We will help you find the perfect pair of polarized glasses for improved vision.

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