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Eye exams screen for more than just your ability to see things at a distance, although that is an important part of the process. Even minor uncorrected vision deficits can cause problems in school or life, and serious eye diseases that can be managed if caught early may be diagnosed during your vision exam. Our optometrists here at New Vision Optical Boutique in Wilmette, IL see people of all ages, from kids to seniors.

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Types of Eye Exams

There are some things that are standard in all eye exams and others that are only done for certain patients. A comprehensive eye exam is a routine visit that tests visual acuity and screens for disorders. Vision screenings only test visual acuity and are not able to provide a useful report about your overall eye health. These are usually the tests done for children at school vision tests, which is why children should also see an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam.

If you are hoping to start wearing contact lenses, or you already do and you need a new prescription, you will need a contact lens exam. This type of exam is a little more in-depth because it requires measurements. You will also need a more in-depth exam if you have or might have an eye disease or vision disorder.

What Happens at an Eye Exam?

During an eye exam, our optometrist at New vision Optical Boutique in Wilmette, IL checks for several different things:

  • Overall visual acuity (whether you can see 20/20 or not)
  • Eye movement and teaming (whether your eyes follow objects smoothly and work together)
  • Depth perception (your ability to see in 3D)
  • Refractive error (if you do not see 20/20 uncorrected, what your prescription is)
  • Eye health (screenings and visual examination for signs of an eye disease

Various tools may be used to help our optometrist determine whether you have any problems. An eye chart assesses visual acuity. A device called a slit lamp is used to allow our doctor to see the inner workings of your eyes and look for problems.

Drops may be used to dilate your pupils, which allow the doctor to see inside of your eyes more easily. Glaucoma testing is commonly done using a machine that blows a painless puff of air into your eye, or it may be done using a tonometer and numbing eye drops. If you are being fitted for contacts, our doctor will need to measure the curvature of your eye using a device called a keratometer.

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