Progressive Lenses

We all remember Grandma in her rocking chair, reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle, bifocals or trifocals perched jauntily on her nose. But what worked for Grandma probably doesn’t sound that appealing to you – mainly because such a look just doesn’t lend to that youthful vibe you’re trying to cultivate.

Enter progressive lenses, your answer to the need for multiple prescriptions in one pair of glasses. Progressive lenses offer the same vision service as bifocals or trifocals – two or three types of correction in one set of lenses – without those unattractive and antiquated lines getting in the way.

progressive lenses from our wilmette optometrist

Progressive Lenses from a Wilmette Optometrist

Progressive lenses are a combination of prescriptions for sharp vision at a distance, up close and in between. They enable optometrists to correct your vision seamlessly, without requiring multiple pairs of glasses or the lined bifocals and trifocals many people wish to avoid today.

Eye Conditions Managed with Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses can help correct a variety of eye conditions, the most common of which are nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia (with symptoms similar to farsightedness, but caused by a different problem in the eye’s structure). Not only are these conditions managed, they’re managed with a smooth transition that doesn’t cause a distracting and obnoxious “jump” when you switch from one correction to another.

Advantages of Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are smaller and more fashionable, making them appealing to many. They are also highly customizable, just like regular lenses. You can wear them in a variety of lighting conditions if you order lenses made of a photochromic material, which darkens or lightens according to ambient brightness. You can also order them made of glass, plastic or polycarbonate. If your prescription is strong, leading to the “Coke bottle” effect, you can opt for high-index lenses, which refract light to correct vision more effectively and therefore require thinner lenses.

Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

It does take a little bit to adjust to progressive lenses, simply because you must learn to ignore the unavoidable aberrations at the edge of your glasses. These are a result of combining multiple prescriptions in one pair of glasses without lines and usually disappear in a few days. If not, speak to your optometrist.

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