Computer Vision FAQs

When you have irritated, tired eyes, it may be caused by computer vision syndrome. This syndrome is a collection of symptoms that stem from spending a lot of time in front of a digital screen. If you suspect that you have computer vision syndrome, you need an eye care appointment with an optician. Contact our team at New Vision Optical Wilmette to book your appointment. Let’s look at some of the questions that we run into regarding computer vision.

Computer Vision FAQs

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

This syndrome is a group of symptoms that can happen when you spend many hours looking at digital screens such as computers and mobile devices. It is often made worse if you have a glare on your screen or you are too far away from the screen. In both of these cases, your eyes have to strain to see the screen properly and this causes eye fatigue. It also develops simply because reading on a digital screen is harder on the eyes than reading something that is printed.

What Are the Symptoms of This Syndrome?

It is common for those who have computer vision syndrome to have tired, fatigued eyes from the eyestrain. It is also common to have blurry vision and your eyes may be dry. It can cause pain outside the eyes as well, resulting in headaches and pain in the shoulders and neck. You may have a harder time seeing, but this could stop once you are away from the computer. Unfortunately, many people have to be in front of their computers and mobile devices for their job.

How Can I Relieve Computer Vision Syndrome?

Even if you have to spend several hours in front of a screen, you can take frequent breaks to help treat the condition or prevent it from developing. A common computer vision rule is called the 20/20/20 rule. This requires you to look away from the screen every 20 minutes. You then look at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more. This short break is easy to accomplish even for those who are very busy, and it can reduce your eyestrain. You could also use eye drops if your eyes feel dry and irritated.

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