Hard Contact Lenses

At New Vision Optical Boutique, your vision comes first. That means no matter what you need, we’re here to give it to you. Even if you don’t fall into a standard vision category that can easily be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, we’re still here to help you. We offer customized fittings for hard to fit lenses, so no matter what your vision trouble is, we’ll do everything we can to get you the contact lenses you need.

hard to fit contact lenses from our wilmette optometrist

Hard to Fit Contact Lenses from your Wilmette Optometrist

Our optometrists specialize in creating hard to fit lenses so that no matter what your vision trouble or eye shape, you can leave the glasses behind when you want to. This makes it easier for you to engage in high-impact activities or see clearly on-the-go, without having to worry about breaking a lens. If you’ve historically been unable to get contact lenses because your eyes are hard to fit, that might all change soon. First, though, you probably have some questions.

What Makes Eyes “Hard to Fit”?

Typically, eyes are hard to fit because their shape isn’t a smooth curve. That means contact lenses don’t sit evenly on the eye, or may not adhere to the surface properly. In this case, the standard contact lens approaches won’t work, so your eyes are “hard to fit” and you’ll need customized lenses. In some cases, the eyes’ inability to properly produce tears, or a proneness to infection, may also make contacts hard to fit. If you have any of the following conditions, you might need specialized lenses:

  • Presbyopia
  • Keratoconus
  • Astigmatism
  • Dry eyes
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis
  • Post-refractive surgery

How Can Your Doctor Craft Comfortable Contact Lenses for Hard to Fit Eyes?

You need an eye doctor who specializes in hard-to-fit lenses, who keeps up to date on all the most recent technology and research, and who uses the advanced equipment that will enable them to measure your cornea more exactly, and thus design contact lenses to meet those specifications. A doctor who both understands and uses this technology can get you what you need.

What Is the Contact Lens Exam Process Like?

The examination process will differ depending on your eyes and your vision needs. Typically, though, your doctor will determine the cause of your eye trouble, perform additional tests as needed, prescribe contact lenses and help you try them out. From there, we will adjust as needed.

Call New Vision Optical To Learn More About Contact Lenses!

At New Vision Optical, we’re always growing to meet your needs. Dr. Torre is a recent addition to our team, and is now helping us bring an even higher level of service to an even greater number of patients. An optometrist for the last 39 years, Dr. Torre is expert at fitting patients with glasses and contact lenses, as well as creating customized treatment plans and performing individual evaluations. In addition to his solid educational foundation, he has a real passion for first-rate patient care.

If you’re ready to learn more about hard to fit contact lenses and their place in your life, please get in touch with us by calling (847) 251-3330 or requesting an appointment on our website. We look forward to seeing and serving you soon.

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