Eyeglasses FAQs

Many people rely on eyeglasses to correct problems with their sight. Whether you are near or farsighted, corrective lenses can help improve your vision. At New Vision Optical in Wilmette IL, we often receive many questions about prescription eyeglasses. Below are common questions that patients ask an optometrist.


How do I Know If I Need Eyeglasses?

Any refractions in your vision will show up in an eye exam. We will test your visual acuity to see if eyeglasses will improve your sight. After you are tested for nearsightedness,  farsightedness, and astigmatism, we will prescribe an updated pair of glasses to correct your vision. Eye strain and headaches also result from squinting and looking at print and objects that you cannot see well. 

What Kind of Eyeglasses do I Need?

If you have not worn eyeglasses before, we will help you select the right pair. After getting the correct prescription, you can select glasses based on your budget and lifestyle. You may decide to add features such as anti-glare frames or scratch-resistant surfaces. 

How Often do I Need to Change my Eyeglasses?

It's common for vision to change over time, meaning that you need to update your eyeglasses. Regular eye exams can help ensure that you have the correct prescription. You should schedule an appointment between annual exams if you have any problems with your vision.

Do Regular Glasses Protect my Eyes from the Sun?

Glasses need to have ultraviolet protection from the sun's rays that are not always built into plastic lenses. You will have the option to apply a protective coating to plastic lenses. Ultraviolet rays can have long-term and damaging effects on your eyes. 

Do I Need Bifocals?

Bifocals are most commonly used for treating presbyopia, a condition that makes it challenging for your eyes to focus on nearby objects. Bifocals give you the ability to see clearly at a distance and unclose, despite the issue with focusing. Bifocals are standard with patients over age 40. If you have problems performing close tasks, contact us to determine if bifocals are right for you. 

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