Frame Selection

New Vision Optical in Wilmette, IL Explains the Importance of Glasses Frame Selection

If your glasses fall off your nose or they break easily, it could mean that you’re wearing the wrong frames for your face. Our New Vision Optical Wilmette in Wilmette, IL explains the importance of glasses frame selection and choosing the right one for your lifestyle and face shape.

Frame Selection

Choose The Right Frames For Your Lifestyle

You might need frames made of materials that will not bend or twist while playing sports. Similarly, you perhaps need lenses that will not easily crack when you’re performing construction work. If you’re an avid gamer, you then need glasses that will enhance your virtual experience. Fashion also might be a consideration, especially if you want to look your best at the office. We at New Vision Optical Wilmette recommend frames that match your favorite clothing colors. Otherwise, you might want the right pair for your face when you go out for the evening with some friends.

Choose the Right Frames For Your Face Shape

Our recommendation at New Vision Optical Wilmette for glasses for an oval face shape typically include those that have a strong bridge or frames broader than the widest part of your face. You also will want to choose glasses that outline your head shape. On the contrary, someone with a round face might choose square or rectangular frames that sit a little bit wider than your facial diameter. This provides a balanced contrast to your face shape.

Concerning someone with a square face, that person would typically look best in oval or round glasses also because of the contrast between the geometric and roundness. The opposite effect of the oval or round and square and rectangle frames can give the face a thinning appearance. Someone with a diamond-shaped face would look best in frames that sweep up or are wider than the cheekbones. Cat eyeglasses or oval frames are some examples.

Anyone with a heart-shaped face, on the other hand, would look best wearing glasses that have thick frame lines on the bottom edges and round or square glasses with curved edges.  The objective, in this case, is to accentuate the smaller areas of the face and move attention away from a broad forehead.

How an Optician at New Vision Optical In Wilmette, IL Chooses Your Frames

Your New Vision Optical Wilmette in Wilmette can help you choose the right frames. First, we can provide you a complete exam to determine your vision strength at different distances. We then prescribe bifocals, progressive or high index lenses for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other issues.

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