Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy: When You Need Something More Than Glasses

Sometimes eyeglasses and contact lenses can’t provide you with everything you need to compensate for vision problems. At New Vision Optical Boutique, our vision therapists in Wilmette wants you to know there is an answer when glasses just aren’t enough.


What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy (VT) is like physical therapy for your eyes and the parts of the brain that control vision. It is a non-surgical, doctor-supervised program that is costumed-designed to improve visual skills and correct certain eye problems.

Unlike contact lenses and glasses that can only compensate for vision problems, vision therapy is used to correct your visual system.

When is Vision Therapy Called For?

Vision therapy is used to treat problems that cannot be otherwise successfully treated with contact lenses, glasses, and surgery. Several studies show that this type of therapy often corrects eye problems that prevent school children from performing efficiently.

Another instance when vision therapy may be called for is when both children and adults experience the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

What Eye Problems Can Vision Therapy Correct?

Some vision problems that can be treated with vision therapy include:

  • Accommodative Disorders- With the help of vision training, focusing skills can increase.
  • Strabismus- People with convergence insufficiency, which is an irregular form of strabismus, found that vision therapy is effective for their condition.
  • Eye Movement Disorders- Vision therapy often improves the accuracy of eye movements used during close-up work and reading.
  • Binocular Vision Problems- Phorias, or subtle eye movements, don’t produce visible eye turn, but still cause eye fatigue when reading or doing close-up work.

What about Vision Therapy for Children?

Examinations used to diagnose non-refractive vision problems are often called for with children who are having difficulty reading or have a learning disability. Vision testing includes depth perception, eye movements, focusing skills, visual-perceptual, and visual-motor skills. Our optometrists in Wilmette can determine if vision therapy is right for your child.

While there are no guarantees, vision therapy often makes the difference in ensuring your child has the best chance of enhancing his or her skills.

Our Vision Therapists in Wilmette is here to Help Improve Your Visual Skills

For more information about vision therapy, or to schedule an appointment, call New Vision Optical Boutique at 847-230-4796. Vision therapy is highly recommended by our optometrists in Wilmette if you want to improve your eye movement, visual skills, coordination, and focusing ability.

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